We're Certified Professionals

Landlock Pest Control is licensed, insured, and certified with the National Pest Management Association, Virginia Pest Management Association and Tidewater Pest Control Association. We are also certified Termidor Termite Control Experts.


Meet the Landlock Team!

Adam P.


Adam is a superb technician and puts so much attention and care into every home he treats. His constant positive, can-do attitude is such an asset to our whole team and customers he interacts with in the field. Outside of work Adam enjoys spending most of his time outdoors.

Amanda R.


Amanda is a wonderful addition to the office and we just love having her on board. Her infectious energy just brings us all refreshed joy. When she isn't working for us, she loves spending time with her new baby and family. 

Amy L.


Amy loves and enjoys solving problems, and is a huge asset towards the organization and efficiency of our team. If you need something done and you need it done fast, she's the one to call. Outside of work, Amy is an avid gamer and enjoys gaming with her husband and spending time with her family.

Ashlie F.


We have had Ashlie on board for several weeks now and we are so glad she is here. When she is not spending her time helping customers, she spends her time being a nanny and attending as many concerts as possible!

Brandon R.


Brandon has been such a wonderful addition to our team with his prior pest control experience and his willingness to help out whenever possible! When he's not at work for Landlock, he enjoys spending his time practicing Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing and helps out his local high school with coaching the wrestling team.

Brandon S.


Brandon is new to the team and, so far, he has proven to be a wonderful addition. He is helpful and seems to go the extra mile for the customers. When he is not busy with pest control, he loves writing poerty and is a self-proclaimed batman nerd!

Cameron G.


Cameron takes so much pride in his work and that definitely shows with the service that he provides for his customers. When he isn't working you may see him on the golf course, fishing, or listening to music in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Chase S.


Chase is new to our team and has been such a helpful, hard-working technician! When he is not out treating all the Virginia pests, he loves to fish, go to concerts, make music, and listen to podcasts!

Chris D.


Chris is back with us again and he has been so welcomed and appreciated! When he's not out treating the bugs and pests of the world, he loves to play sports and work out. He is always incredibly happy spending time with his wife and his puppy!


David F.


David is just a pleasure to have on our team of certified pest control technicians in the Virginia Beach area. When he isn't working for us, he is a dedicated father and loves spending time with his family and playing sports. 

Deshawn L.


When he's not tearing up the recreational rugby field, Deshawn is a prized member of our Landlock team. Deshawn is known around the office for his easygoing, quick- with-a-smile attitude. He also keeps busy taking care of his four dogs and three cats at home!

Isaiah W.


Isaiah is probably the kindest technician you will have at your door.  His positive attitude and professionalism really go a long way with our customers.  In his spare time, he loves to be outdoors hunting, fishing, or playing sports.

Jacob K.


Jacob has proven to be such a valuable addition to the team with his awesome customer service skills and ability to make our customers laugh while doing an excellent job out in the field. While not at work, Jacob enjoys playing music and jamming with his band. You may also catch him at some local shows in the Richmond area.


Jason W.


Jason is one of our new technicians but has proven himself to be a wonderful addition to our team. He is polite, helpful, and has a positive, light attitude. When he is not servicing our customers for all their pests, he loves to watch movies, play video games, and spend time with his family and friends.

Jennifer F.


Jennifer has been such a wonderful addition to our team and we have loved having her in the office with us! In her free time, she loves to garden, play bass guitar, she is a car enthusiast, and she advocates for autism awareness. Doing good in the pest world and out!

Jeremiah W.


Jeremiah is new to our team from the Fredericksburg/Stafford area and we are so glad to have him with us! When he is not taking great care of our Northern Virginia customers, he loves to watch movies and hang out with his dog!

Jonathan P.


Jonathan is a great addition to our Williamsburg team of certified technicians. When he isn't working in pest control, this newlywed loves listening to music and longboarding.

Joon A.


Joon is such a joy to have as a part of our team of certified pest control technicians. Our customers just rave about him! When he isn't providing excellent customer service, he loves gaming and going on road trips with his family.

Jordan C.


Jordan's the man to talk to if you have any marketing or sales questions. During the summer, he's the driving force behind our sales team. Jordan played soccer in high school and in college, and he still plays today. When not at work, you might be able to find him traveling and sightseeing with his wife.


Josh R.


Josh Rawlins is the head of our team of technicians and does a fantastic job of over-seeing all their hard work! He loves spending time with his family and is quite a fantastic cook!

Josh S.


Josh Sampson is back with us again and we are so happy that he is. He is an integral member of our outside sales team. When he isn't leading his team to success, he loves playing soccer and bakes an amazing loaf of banana bread. 

Kevin F.


Kevin has been with us for a relatively short time but has won over so many of our customers with his positive, can-do attitude. He is such a pleasure to work with, but when he is not busy fighting bugs and pests, he loves taking on carpentry work, watches sitcoms and reads literature about ancient empires and cultures, and spends time with his 12-year- old son.

Kyle M.


Kyle is new to our company but not new to pest control and we are so glad to have him here with us! When he is not handling bugs and pests, he like to play guitar and bass, sing and occassionally record music, but best of all, he loves being uncle to three nephews and a niece.

Malike T.


Malike is so hard-working and we love having him on our team of certified technicians. When he isn't working he just loves playing semi-pro football, listening to music, or competing in paintball. 

Matt P.


Matt is a fantastic technician, always willing to go the extra mile to help our customers and the team here at Landlock. When he's not out in the field, you may find him on stage or practicing with his band.

Mike F.


Mike is one of the hardest working people you may find. While out in the field, Mike takes pride in educating homeowners on what's going on and coming up with solutions for problems. In his free time, he loves working on computers, holiday decorating, and spending time with his family.

Mike H.


It has been such a pleasure having Mike on our team of technicians. He has been a complete asset to all our pest control needs and has been a quick learner for all that's required. When he is not helping out in the pest control world, he loves to fish, hike, and kayak.

Mills G.


Mills is new to our technician team and we are so excited to have him with us! When he is not solving the pest problems in Virginia, he spends lots of time with his family, loves dirt bikes and riding ATVs, and loves to play with his two dogs.

Nate N.


Nate is newer here for us and has already proven to be a hard-working, dedicated technician who is willing to take on whatever we throw his way! When he is not treating all the bugs and pests, he loves soending time at the beach and with his soon-to-be wife.


Nate V.


Nate is our Charlottesville area technician who has taken the area by storm and always maintains a hard-working attitude to assist all of our customers in that area. When he is not working in the pest world, he loves spending time with his 4 children and his family, loves to hunt, and spend time with friends.

Nicole H.


Nicole brings such a bright light to the office and has been such a quick, efficient administrator! When she is not putting her expertise in administration to good use here in the office, she is busy coloring, traveling, trying new things, sleeping, and, best of all, spending time with her family.

Pamela F.


Pamela comes from Florida, so pests and bugs are nothing new to her. She's also fantastic on the phones and talking to customers is something that she enjoys very much. If she's not here in the office, you might be able to find her spending quality time with her family.

Patrick W.


Patrick is one of the newest additions to our team of certified pest control technicians and customers already love having him treat their homes.  When he isn't working for us, he loves watching sports, especially the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Phillip E.


Phillip is one of our newer technicians; however, in the short time that he has been with us, he has already proven to be a kind, smart, helpful, customer-approved technician. When he is not working for Landlock, he loves going to the gym, spending time with his friends and family, and making content for his Youtube channel.

Shane M.


Shane is back with us again and we couldn't be more thrilled to have him here with us! He is a fantastic technician and you are a lucky individual if you have come across him working out there! When he's not solving the problems in the pest world, he loves to solve his way out of escape rooms, hike, throw axes, and watch movies.

Shelton D.


Shelton is back with us and we are incredibly thrilled to have him here!  When he is not busy at work, he loves to travel the world and practice photography on his travels, and he loves to cook!

Spencer C.


Spencer has been such a fantastic presence in the office and is such a pro when it comes to handling customers. When he is not handling the ins-and-outs of the daily office grind, he likes to write music, has great plans to be a traveler one day (perhaps back to Madagascar where he can fluently speak the local language of Malagasy), and enjoys spending time with his two pet donkeys!

Stephanie C.


We are loving having Stephanie as part of our office family! Her eye for detail has fast become an invaluable aid in keeping things running smoothly. At home, Stephanie is a proud mom, bookworm, music lover, and keeper of a "whole zoo" of pets.

Taylor H.


Taylor is back with us again and we are so thrilled to have her back! Her bubbly attitude just fills the whole office with joy. When she isn't here cheering everyone up she is an avid concert attendee and loves to spend time with her pets and friends. 

Thomas J.


Thomas has been such a fantastic addition to our team! In his time outside of work, he loves to play Xbox and go bowling. He is also an avid football fan, especially for the Dallas Cowboys team!

Tina M.


Tina left for a short while and is now back with us and at full force! We love having her here in the office with her fantastic customer service, her willigness to help out with whatever is needed, and her ability to bring so much light to the office! When she is not handling our customers like a champ in the office, she loves spending time with her family and her new grandson.

Travis H.


Travis is such a great addition to our team of certified pest control technicians. When he isn't out treating homes in the Myrtle Beach area, he loves to spend his time outdoors camping and fishing.

Will W.


Will is such a joy to have on our team of technicians! On his off time he loves playing video games and watching or playing basketball.



We have a new team member coming soon and we can't wait for you to meet them!

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