Are Winter Bugs Invading Your Home?

The cold weather is upon us here in Virginia and North Carolina but that doesn’t mean that bugs and rodents aren’t eager to dive into your warm home and crawl space for shelter. One common myth is that bugs die off in the cold elements but that’s simply just not true. A lot of insects dive into your home or crawl space to seek shelter or to find a cozy location to hibernate until warmer weather prevails.  You may feel like bugs have headed south for the winter but, the truth is, those bugs don’t go anywhere. Bugs are cold-blooded creatures so these cold elements greatly affect their ability to maintain a consistent temperature like warm-blooded animals do. Cold temperatures make them slow down to conserve energy, some even enter a hibernation phase to survive the winter months.  But, to actually kill most species of pests it would require around 10 degree weather over multiple days to do the job.

Even though many species do hibernate during the cold season, not all do, making your home even more inviting. Insects like spiders, fleas, roaches, and bed bugs seem to ramp up their indoor activities during the fall and winter months. Rodents like mice and rats will chew through just about anything to seek shelter and warmth in your home.  Spiders just love to hang out in seldom used areas within your home, one, because it’s warmer, and two because it’s easier for them to find food as resources dry up.  Fleas will hitch a ride into your home with your pets, making your carpeted areas and furniture their breeding grounds. Roaches won't necessarily be affected by a nuclear blast, but they sure do attempt to make themselves at home in your warm kitchen to feast on your holiday fixings.  Another increasing winter pest problem is bed bugs, with visits from family or students home from college during the holidays. Be careful they aren’t bringing in these uninvited guests.  Even mice and rats find your warm home and easier access to food very inviting and may flock inside to make a cozy nest and feed.

What Can You Do To Help Eliminate or Limit Pest and Rodent Activity?

Aside from having our quarterly pest control treatments to cover you through the cold months with unlimited free reservices, you can seal cracks and crevices that they may try to squeeze into while exploring your exterior walls, properly store food, keep your outdoor lights off, treat your pets with flea prevention medicine or shampoo, and even vacuuming frequently will help. 

Do you really need pest control in winter? The simple answer, Yes!  Winter pest control is part of an ongoing pest management plan to control pests that are active in your home all winter and helps control the population boom when it starts to warm back up! Many may not consider pest control essential during the cold season but keeping your home bug free is essential to Landlock Pest Control.

If you find your home being invaded this winter Landlock Pest Control has you covered. Give us  a call at 1-877-228-2847 for all your pest control needs.

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