Happy Springtime - Minus The Bugs!

Spring is a beautiful time of the year, which brings tons of sunshine and beautiful flowers our way, but it definitely comes with its share of pesky bugs and the conditions for those bugs to thrive. So many bugs tend to take shelter and hideout during the winter months which leaves plenty of time for them to mate and breed when spring and summer come back around. 

Some of these pests serve their purpose by eliminating other harmful and annoying bugs, but others can be incredibly frustrating to have to live with. Bugs will try to find any areas that are beneficial to their mating ground and that will make for a safe place for them to thrive and lay their eggs.

Now is the time of year to start preparing yourself and your home from these invaders! Now, even though the weather will be getting warmer, we all know that with spring comes rain and lots of it. Warmer weather and wet conditions will be beneficial for bugs and pests of all types.

Wanna Keep Those Bugs Away? Here's How!

There are several preventative measures that can be taken to ensure that bugs don’t take over your property and it’s a good idea to jump on it before it starts warming up outside. Some of the best measures to take would be to: seal all entryways; clean up the inside of the home so there is nothing to attract the pests to the indoors; tidying up the lawn to ensure there is nothing for the pests to feed on or burrow in; tidying up the gutters to ensure there is no standing water or any areas that bugs could hunker down in; cleaning up any stagnant water ANYWHERE on the property, including the gutters; cleaning any areas where food is stored so it doesn’t attract the different bugs and pests; check inside and outside the home to eliminate any nesting areas; and being able to stay on top of cleaning up in and around the property and getting and staying on top of any big issues.

Who You Gonna Call... Landlock Pest Control!

Of course, one of your best options would be to have Landlock Pest Control come out to your property and knock out all your pest control needs, especially since our products are plant-based and are safe for you, your home, your kids, and your pets. We carry a guarantee on all our services and are happy to come back out (FOR FREE!) if you ever require service between your regularly scheduled appointments. We would be happy to tackle all your pest control needs and you can give us a call at 877-228-2847!

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