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Okay so I never write reviews on these types of things but I had to with this company because of the following reasons: The guys who come to my house to treat it are incredibly trustworthy, kind, and so willing to explain anything if I have any questions. They Always do such a great job and I have zero complaints. Their customer service is wonderful and I always feel like I'm in good hands! And most importantly- no bugs!!!!!

Rachel J.

I've experienced many pest services in the past and I have to say that this company really cares about there customers! Never before have I had such a good experience with a technician that services or home. Not only that but the the customer service over the phone was great and everyone is very professional.plus the best part is that the product works! I highly recommend this company!

Benjamin F.

I have been with landlocked pest control for about a year now. I absolutely LOVE them. I don't have to worry about bugs biting my kids or my boys trying to play with them. The techs are great as well. Very trustworthy and personable!

Andrea R.

Landlock Pest Control is very accommodating and their customer service is fantastic. The inspector that came to the property was on time, efficient, and very nice. I would absolutely recommend this business.

Lauk H.

Had a couple different technicians come out and they were friendly and did a good service. Amount of bugs have significantly decreased around my home. Good overall.

John P.

Always friendly and professional! Technicians take time to explain their products and make sure my concerns are taken care of.

McAllister S.

We love having our quarterly and yearly services completed by Landlock! The ladies in the office are so sweet and friendly. Our service is always done right, and we can really tell their products work. Isaac recently came to complete some services, and he was so helpful and efficient. Although everything was taken care of quickly, I feel like he spent plenty of time answering my questions and completing our checklist. He was professional and left us knowing we had great service. Thanks so much!

Candace D.

First of all I must say I like going to smaller businesses for my personal property. Landlock gave me the impression and care that I feel the larger companies just don't show. Customer service was very helpful and friendly. The technician not only sprayed the full house and yard He investigated and left extra product in case my unwelcomed 8 legged foes tried to make another appearance. The best news all this is done with a guaranteed contract at a very affordable price for my house! What else could you ask for!?!?

Jesse E.

Great professional service from a small local owned company. The technician knew what he was looking for and did a great job. Any time I have any questions or see what could be a problem the respond quickly. Great value for the service I get. I recieved pest control from landlock and I also have a termite warranty with them. I highly recommend landlock pest control .

Joshua R.

I love that Landlock always comes out with a smile on their face, and I don't see the bugs afterwards. The technicians are also always very attentive to our families needs. It's one less thing we have to worry about. Its also comforting knowing that if we do notice anything creeping around the house they come back for free, and it's normally very prompt!

Julia C.

I love these guys! Since the very first treatment, the only bugs or spiders I see are dead ones and that's the only kind I like. They were also able to successfully treat my place for fleas without using any toxic products near my pets.

Lynn B.

I had issues with ants for years. After trying a few others companies they could never get rid of the ants completely. With landlock pest control they found the problem and did whatever it took to kill them and I haven't had a problem Since.

Brian A.

We have had landlock for years now, their technicians have always been helpful and done a great job and when i call the office they are responsive and come back for free inbetween the services if i see any bugs. great people that do great work.

Jennifer M.

Landlock Pest Control does an excellent job of ensuring my home is safe from pest. They are professional, organized, right priced and makes the process easy, Thanks Landlock Pest Control.

Denise D.

Fantastic!! These people do a marvelous job! Great office staff, friendly and efficient. I haven't been bothered by ANY type of bugs since they allowed me to become a customer! I sleep better at night , my teeth are whiter and the children are much better behaved!! Thank You Landlock pest control!!! Please bring me more of your business cards , my friends and family are going "buggy".

Margaret M.

Landlock Pest Control has been my company of choice for years!

Jeff R.

Great company! Had a small issue and the company took great care of me and sent out a wonderful tech who was courteous and respectful. Did a very thorough job and have not seen many bugs at all!!

Angela R.

We have been using Landlock for several months now and are very pleased with the results. The technicians are very professional, friendly and knowledgeable about bugs.

Susanna H.

Always on time. The technician that came out today, Everett Smith, was very nice and helpful. He answered all of my questions as well as calmed my fears. All of the technicians are nice and friendly.'

Lolo H.

Absolutely LOVE this company, they have been amazing treating our house and yard! We left a HUGE bug company that we have used for 4 yrs. because they were not controlling our ant and flea issue's! We highly recommend these guys!

Lisa H.

Great technicians and service. No complaints and best of all no more black widows.

Justin G.

Great service and follow up calls. Employees are very respectful and friendly. I can't ask for a better service.

Miguel H.

I would never use anyone else for inspections etc. Being a real estate agent we try to get great people on our team. I would suggest them for inspections.They are honest, friendly, helpful and on ti

Rene K.

It's a great company small and they take there time and review there work with you and answer all your questions. Great company to do business with very trustworthy and we've been with them 3 years and counting!!

Keyon W.
LandLock Pest Control