Mosquitoes and Mosquito Season in Virginia

Mosquitoes are pesky, annoying insects that make it difficult to be outside during certain times of the year and even as specific as certain times of the days in mosquito season. It is helpful to know what times of the day they are out and what circumstances cause them to be most prevalent in your yard. Mosquito season starts in spring when the temperature outside reaches at least 50 degrees. When they are out for the season, they will be feeding at sunrise, sunset, and during the night time. In order for them to stick around, though, and be out and about in your yard, they have to have the warmer temperatures. There cannot be any direct sunlight on them, and the mosquitoes that are out would only be specific to that area and the overall weather conditions that they thrive in.

In Virginia, the most common type of mosquito that you will find is the Asian Tiger mosquito. These mosquitoes make up about 90 percent of the population that bites you and are most commonly out during the day between sun-up and sundown. There are also other factors that attract mosquitoes to specific individuals.  Mosquitoes will go after individuals with Type O blood; this blood type is prevalent in about 50 percent of Americans. The mosquitoes are attracted to the antigens, or secretors, in the blood and this attracts them to want to feed off that blood type. They are also more attracted to a person's body odor, especially if they can smell alcohol and they can smell the plume that humans let off when they release carbon dioxide. When we exhale, we release a "plume", or a visual pattern of carbon dioxide, for the mosquitoes to sniff out and follow. They sense that plume from about 164 feet away and causes them to seek you out.

What Works Best For Repelling Mosquitoes?

There are several different options that we have to repel mosquitoes. Some products that are approved to be safe and effective are DEET, oil of lemon eucalyptus, citronella essential oil, and others. Ensure that there is no standing water in the immediate area or on the property that would attract mosquitoes to hang out and breed. You can also avoid active mosquito hours outside or, if that is unavoidable, you can also use mosquito netting that should keep them away from you and your skin.

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