Pest Control


Pest Control is more than just exterminating a few bugs or pests here and there. Pest Control is protecting the home from unwanted intruders all year-round, during all 4 seasons. Since bugs come from the outside in, with us here at Landlock, we protect your home by treating the exterior and the yard around your home. Most Pest Control companies around the Williamsburg, Richmond, and other local areas may be seen using a traditional "Pump Can" style method to treat around the home. Instead, we use a High Powered Sprayer for Pest Control Treatments. This sprayer will have the ability to reach up to roughly 30-35 feet, while also putting out around 2 gallons of treatment per minute! Since we have this ability, we start our Pest Control Treatments at the top of the home, near your eaves and gutters, then we proceed to apply the Pest Control Treatment to the cracks, crevices, window lines, and door lines around the entire perimeter of the home. By doing this, this helps create a barrier for the pests and bugs, making it much more difficult to break through and get to the interior of the home. Once the barrier is up, we then apply Pest Control Treatment to the yard as well to help eliminate the bugs and pests in nesting sites around the yard. Please give us a call today or send us an email for more questions regarding our Pest Control Treatments in the Williamsburg, Richmond, Fredericksburg and other surrounding areas!

Termite Control


Termite Season is upon us, so Termite Control is especially important in areas such as Richmond or Virginia Beach. Termite Swammers can come out during the Spring time and swarm around different areas around your home. There are so many homes in the cities of Virginia Beach and Richmond, and most homeowners are not aware of how important it is to have Termite Control on your home. There can be over 50,000 Termites in a colony, and there could be over 13 colonies per acre! It is very important to hire a professional company for Termite Control because there are so many cracks and crevices that Termites can squeeze through. In Virginia Beach and Richmond, most homes are on crawl spaces and slabs, and both types of home constructions need to be treated differently by a professional Termite Control company. Homes can be your most valuable assets as a homeowner, it's not something you want to leave to guessing about. Landlock Pest Control offers FREE Termite Control Inspections in the cities of Virginia Beach and Richmond! Give us a call today to set this up!

Mosquito Control


Have you ever been enjoying a peaceful Saturday afternoon in the backyard with the family and thought, "The only thing that could make this any better would be if Mosquitoes didn't exist"? Well, with our specialized Airborne Treatments for Mosquito Control, we can turn that thought into a reality! Mosquito Control is an Airborne Treatment that effectively eliminates the Mosquitoes that are currently flying around. Not only will it effectively take care of Mosquitoes in the air with Mosquito Control, but also grounded Mosquitoes and their nesting sites left behind in the grass or on the ground. With the past winter we just had, Mosquitoes are "chomping" (ha-ha, get it?!) at the bit to get out and spread their wings, so give us a call today to find out how we can help cut down the number of Mosquitoes in your yard this summer with our Mosquito Control Treatments!

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