Barricade Your Home Against Moisture!

Some crawl spaces are saturated with moisture due to leaky pipes, poor yard grading and high humidity. With this much moisture at play, homes need more than just a moisture treatment. A sealant might be needed to regulate the temperature and moisture level in the crawl space.

If your home is subject to high moisture levels, call Landlock Pest Control.


 -Lining the floor and foundation walls with overlapping sheets of heavy polyethylene plastic to protect your crawl space and prevent damage to wood.
 -Insulating the foundation walls and using the existing HVAC system to heat and cool the crawl space to the same temperature as the rest of the house.
 -Installing a dehumidifier to regulate temperature and moisture levels and expel unwanted moisture from the crawl space through a ventilation line.




Crawl space encapsulation improves the temperature regulation and energy efficiency of your home, ultimately lowering the cost of your utility bill. If you want to stop moisture in its tracks and reap the rewards of this service, make an appointment with Landlock Pest Control today. We offer encapsulation services in Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina. 

Benefits of An Encapsulated Crawl Space

If you aren't already aware by now, due to severe weather and humidity in our area, there has been a significant rise in moisture and fungus in your home's crawl space causing insulation and wood rotting. In order to protect your number one investment, you may want to consider encapsulating your crawl space.  

Breath Easier

Vented crawl spaces have a huge negative impact on indoor air quality, especially if family member have allergies. 

Reduce the Chances of Costly Floor Repairs

Moisture rots wood causing floor joist damage and hardwood floors to buckle.

Lower Energy Bills

Crawl space encapsulation can reduce energy bills by up to 20%, according to Advanced Energy's research.

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Heating & Cooling Equipment Last Longer

An encapsulated crawl space will keep outside air from entering your home, making it easier on your heating and cooling equipment.

Qualify for Rebates & Tax Incentives

Some utilities offer rebates.  The federal government has tax incentives for home perfomance improvements, as well as, some state and local governments.

Creates Inhospitable Area For Pests

Encapsulating your crawl space makes living conditions less appealing to pests and wood destroying insects.

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